About the Beard Barons

Who are the Beard Barons?

Muskegon’s own facial hair club. From casual to competitive, facial hair of all shapes and sizes welcome. We currently meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Unruly Brewing.

Our Goals:
  • Encourage facial hair growth of all kinds.
  • Help end negative stereotypes of the bearded and mustachioed
  • Support our community and local charities via interesting entertaining club events
What do we do?

Event’s consist of anything  we can think of that we think would be fun and/or a benefit to our community. Like shooting and selling a calendar for charity, adopting and cleaning a beach, marching in a parade and helping provide food to a local food pantry,

 Who can join?

Everyone is welcome.  You don’t need a massive 5+ year beard to be a part of the club. Long beards, short beards, partial beards, cop ‘staches, handle bars, donegals, mutton chops, friendly chops, goatees, John Waters pencil mustache, facial hair of all kinds or even just an appreciation for face fur in any form, you are wanted.There are no membership fees or dues of any kind.

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